As an Albemarle County native with Rivanna Roots, my platform is grounded firmly in the issues affecting this community.  Together as a community we can take the county to new heights and transform our area for the betterment of all individuals. 

As a District, we have to increase our high-speed internet capabilities and broadband internet access throughout our rural areas. If we are not connected, we will get left behind by the world.  The seconds we lose as a result of slow or bad connection result in an immense amount of both lost time and lost productivity.


 We have to maintain our commitment to infrastructure.  Infrastructure is the backbone of any society.  An increased focus on infrastructure will allow the County to increase the quality of life for all citizens.

We know that our bridges and roadways need consistent improvement.  Aging highways and bridges as well as congestion can all be barriers to the free flow of our livelihoods.  We have to continue to maintain, improve, and upgrade our infrastructure to handle the demands this society places on it.

As a District, we have to place an increased focused on increasing the access of public transportation. Public transportation touches every aspect of of our society.  We must be more efficient, and reignite our focus on the access and effectiveness of public transportation in the County. Public transportation infrastructure helps aid the battle against climate change,  enhances smart growth, and eases the costs burden on many citizens that utilize these services.  

Economic Development 

We must fully examine policies and practices pertaining to business development, business creation,  business retention, and business migration.  Economic development in the region is pivotal to its success.  We have to make sure Albemarle County is conducive to people succeeding that come from all walks, and stages in life. 


A world-class education system is the life force of our society.  The youth are our future and we must make sure they receive all they need to become successful. A strong educational system promotes current sustainability and future success as a County.  We have to insure that our schools are setting the standard both locally and nationally. We have to reaffirm our commitment to providing our youth the skills they need to thrive in any capacity.  A few areas of focus are:

  • Increasing technology in the classroom

  • Providing our students the skills needed for both academic and life success beyond our school system

  • Maintain and set the national academic standard

  • Reaffirm our commitment to our technical education center (CATEC)

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